Stars National 2026 - Scott

2021 Summer Schedule

 June 19- 25 USA Softball J.O Cup Columbus, GA

 June 28 - July 4 Louisville Slugger IDT Boulder, CO

 July 15 - 19 Pro Swings Power 50 Cookeville, TN

 July 23 - 31 PGF Nationals Huntington Beach, CA

Name: Sadie Scott Position: P, 2B, OF Number: Graduating Class: 2027


Name: Katelyn Pitts Position: 2B, SS Number: 11 Graduating Class: 2027


Name: Macey Hemphill Position: OF Number: Graduating Class: 2026


Name: Olivia Reed Position: OF, 1B Number: 24 Graduating Class: 2026


Name: Chloe Merriman Position: 1B, C, UT Number: 27 Graduating Class: 2026 2026


Name: Brinkley Hollin Position: SS, P, 1B, UT Number: Graduating Class: 2026


Name: Addison Lawson Position: C, 3B, UT Number: 22 Graduating Class: 2026


Name: MaKenzie Gillenwater Position: P, 1B Number: 42 Graduating Class: 2026 2026


Name: Payton Hood Positions: 3B, CF Number: 1
Graduating Class: 2026


Name: Regan Karr Positions: 2B, LF Number: 3
Graduating Class: 2026


Name: Kaylin Pardo Positions: 1B, 3B Number: 5
Graduating Class: 2026


Name: Kadence Hampton Positions: 3B, C Number: 6
Graduating Class: 2026


Name: Ava Pariano Positions: 2B, LF Number: 8
Graduating Class: 2026


Name: Gabrielle Wright Positions: P, 1B Number: 9
Graduating Class: 2026


Name: Madi Whitley Positions: P, SS Number: 12
Graduating Class: 2026


Name: Maddy Moore Positions: P, LF Number: 13
Graduating Class: 2026


Name: Abby Courtney Positions: SS, C Number: 14
Graduating Class: 2026


Name: Elizabeth Cambell Positions: 1B, RF Number: 19
Graduating Class: 2026


Name: Kennedy McCumber Positions: SS, RF Number: 20
Graduating Class: 2026


Head Coach
Rodger Scott
[email protected]